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Here at MBF my 1:1 coaching programs are client centered, designed for your specific goals to get you results that last a lifetime. I truly believe that I will be your last coach!

  • Your nutritional intake will be assessed along with your lifestyle factors.
  • You will learn how a flexible approach to your nutrition can change your body composition and your relationship with food.
  • I will support and guide you throughout your entire journey.
  • You will understand that motivation is just a feeling; bridging the gap between your intentions and your actions and behaviors is what leads you to your ideal outcome.
  • You will get an exit strategy so you know the steps to maintain your amazing results after your coaching experience.

What are the steps?

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If you feel we are the right fit for you, we set you up on the client portal system and we begin the coaching process.

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What can MBF provide for you?
What will you walk away with?


✓ Coaching that is not only in alignment with your goals, but also with your values.

✓ Guiding you toward what it takes to reach your goals, whether those goals are fat loss, body recomposition, performance, or overall health & wellness

✓ No more frustration inducing on-again-off-again approaches to eating and fat loss

✓ Assistance with mindful movement and nutrition choices that support YOUR goals and lifestyle

✓ Keep it super simple, stick to the basics, no complicated tough to adhere to strategies

✓ Provide confidential accountability and support


✓ Optimize your mindset > cultivating a growth mindset for success

✓ Drop your all or nothing mindset.

✓ Rebuild your relationship with food and your body.

✓ Dive into the shitty self talk that results in self-sabotage, reduce and eliminate the power of the scale

✓ Change your limiting beliefs around food and training.

✓ Focus on the WHY behind current food choices, habits, & behaviors (it’s more than just about the macros)


✓ Lose body fat and keep it off forever.

✓ Optimize your body composition for your specific goals.

✓ Optimize your health.

✓ Optimize your metabolism.

✓ Exit strategy for long term success.


✓ Optimize your performance.

✓ Optimize your fuel requirements for your specific sport.

✓ Optimize your training - the modalities you should be using.

My Mission

I want to work with people who believe they are capable of putting in the work to create change they want in their life.

I want you to WANT to work with me.

MBF is the RESOURCE for nutrition and lifestyle coaching for you.


Who I Support

Parents, grandparents, athletes, post secondary students - anyone who wants to commit to putting in the effort to cultivate their own sustainable health & wellness - I will not hold your hand or do the work for you, but I will provide you with my expertise, support, and compassion to guide you on your unique path to wellness


About Me

I am a certified Nutrition and Lifestyle coach, but first and foremost I am a mom of two amazing girls. I am driven and passionate about all things fitness and I know what it’s like to feel lost and confused when it comes to nutrition. I know how it feels to lack the confidence to move forward. I also understand EXTREME dieting and what it can do to your mindset and body. That’s why I am so passionate about helping others.


More about me

1:1 Coaching 

  • Individualized health & wellness framework that support your lifestyle and goals through nutrition and movement

    • Individualized macros with strategies for eating habits & food choices. Meal plans will not be offered.

    • Support for cultivating a nutrition plan that has a balance of whole foods and soul foods

    • Exercise and movement recommendations

  • Individual coaching with strategies & tools for mindset, habits, behaviors - This is the FIGURE YOUR SHIT OUT part of the coaching!

  • Weekly check ins using a streamlined client portal system, where you get video messaging/voice messaging along with emails will be used as communication and feedback.

  • Resource library in the client portal. These resources are often EXCLUSIVE to my clients!

  • 24/7 access to your coach. This means you can contact me at any time through your preferred method of communication but I do have set boundaries on response times.

  • Assistance with creating the necessary steps between where you’re at now, and where you want to go


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