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A podcast hosted by Coach Brandy, a nutrition coach that understands the hurdles that women face every day which is why a sustainable lifestyle can’t just consist of tracking macros! Join Coach B every week so you can start thinking about your relationship with food, your habits and behaviors and get curious about where you are right now and where you want to be!


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Episode 71 - Navigating emotions and grief - a personal story with Coach B

Join me on this solo episode where I talk about how I navigated my own emotions and grief after losing my best furbaby Briggs. Nutrition and fitness will look different for everyone during these times but I thought I would share my personal journey.

Episode 70 - Can diet & nutrition help heal your depression & anxiety? With Dr. Nicole Lippman-Baril, PhD.

Can diet and nutrition actually heal your depression and anxiety? Well, this is the question Dr. Nicole Lippman-Barile PhD answered for us on this week's podcast. We dive into some of the inaccurate claims about mental health while offering some strategies that can help you improve your mental health.

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Episode 69 - Client Struggles Series: "Gaining 20lbs - I think I’ll intermittent fast and reduce carbs" Is this the solution?

Join me as I talk about another client struggle. She’s gained 20lbs - overeats, restricts and has a poor relationship with food. She thinks she should intermittent fast and reduce carbs - is this the right approach? Listen as I share my feedback.

Episode 68 - Good Food, bad diet - diet culture BS and how to fix your relationship with food with RD Abby Langer of Langer Nutrition

Join me and my guest the AMAZING Abby Langer, RD - author of good food, bad diet. Abby and I dive into what diet culture is and how to rebuild your relationship with food. Abby is a NO BS RD that I respect so of course we dive into a lot of the BS that we hear and see in the industry. You don’t want to miss out on this. We are as authentic AF!

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Episode 67 - Client Struggles Series: how do I stop self sabotaging while dieting?

Client Struggle Series: Join me as I dive into why one would self sabotage their weight loss journey. This question came from a shift worker who could lose 3-4 lbs but then question how she could keep going.

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