What I Do

I work with women who are always on a diet, lost on their nutritional journey transform their bodies and mind. I teach you how to live with a healthy mindset while achieving your best body – at every stage of life!

My Philosophy

I am a client-centered lifestyle and nutrition coach that believes every person has value, even when they have not identified it yet themselves.

I have met the most inspiring people through my career, which has provided me the opportunity to continutally learn and grow as a coach.

I have been able to help clients lose fat, gain muscle and ultimately perform better in and out of the gym. Approaches to food, combined with a lack of patience through the process, can have a severe impact on goals.

My Methods

My methods include having an individualized nutrition program that is designed using a flexible approach to your nutrition.

I do not believe in providing meal plans, and it is often more than macros. I pride myself on my ability to listen to my clients, so as to help direct appropriate goals based on mental and physical ability.

I take pride in my ability to sort out the confusion, giving women a safe place to learn and ask questions about nutrition.

My Goals

Feeling stuck in the diet cycle? I will help you lose the weight you want without restrictions. I will work with you to help improve your relationship with food, change your mindset, become smarter with nutrition, stronger in body.

My ultimate goal is for you to feel happy and confident in your body and to maintain your fat loss goals. Not all clients are created equal, which is why I have committed myself to life long learning.

I am addressing the myths within the nutrition industry, one fad at a time.

Work with me

Custom Macro Coaching

This is offered by Coach B to help those who would like to manage their macros more consistently and more accurately. 

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Biweekly Nutrition Coaching

Manage your macros with accountability twice per month without having to commit to full time coaching.

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Weekly Nutrition Coaching

Manage your nutrition with macros or journaling with weekly accountability, committing to full time coaching.

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