Change is good. Especially if change lasts a lifetime.

“Working with Brandy has been a life changing experience. She approaches nutrition in a way that makes sense, she takes the time to explain things to you and doesn’t force you to do anything that you are not ready for. No cookie cutter meal plans, just real advice that you can fit into your lifestyle. Since working with her I have lost 35 lbs, learned how to plan meals better and how to flexible diet. These are tools that I will use for the rest of my life! Brandy is intelligent, caring and the best nutrition coach around! I could write a novel on all the different ways she has helped me, not just with nutrition, but as a dear and trusted confidant and friend. If you are wanting to make a life change and lose the excess weight, stop buying the shit on social media and tv and hire Brandy!”

Client since Oct 2017


“It’s been a month and a half since I decided I needed to treat my body better. It was overwhelming to start! I got a 5lb headstart before I reached out for help. I didn’t want to see myself give up on something I knew I needed to do. I’m so glad I did. It has changed everything. Coach Brandy guided me through with a wealth of knowledge, one step at a time, and with so much encouragement and empowerment. She believed in me. My favourite jeans I had a hard time squeezing into slide right up, no crazy muffin top anymore! While the scale is moving and I’m excited seeing the changes, I’m enjoying the non scale victories so much more. My clothes are loose so I’ve been having to wear jeans I had tucked away in hopes I’d fit them better one day, I’m feeling more confident, able to do full push-ups. I can do sit ups without getting in my own way, I even held a forearm plank on my toes in awesome form for a full 30 seconds the other day at the tail end of my workout! I decided I needed the change and the desire has been for the right reasons this time. Not to be skinny. I want health. I want 40 years from now to still be here. I want to enjoy life. It’s been a lifestyle change. Not a diet. I still eat out sometimes, I still enjoyed Thanksgiving and my daughter’s birthday (cake AND pizza!) and guess what? NO GUILT!! No skewed mindset. We need to be able to enjoy life and it’s celebrations. It’s balance. And it works! Coach Brandy, you changed my life 6 years ago, and now again. Thank you for helping me reset my mind and repair my shitty relationship with myself. You are truly one of a kind.”

Amazing mother, Future health coach

“My Journey with Brandy began when I was just 17. I came to her after being abandoned by another trainer in the middle of a prep for my first bikini competition. She guided me to the stage, nutrition, workouts, posing, support, anything I needed really. She was there and she taught me so much about the sport. Fast forward five years, I reached out to Brandy for a reverse diet consultation after losing 20 lbs in 3 months. I was starving but extremely fearful of gaining the weight back. She got to know my life, my commitments, what my body needed and what worked best for it. She built my intake up slowly and I maintained my weight. She encouraged me to find balance because as a previous competitor, I had a lot of mindset issues. Particularly, I was an all or nothing type of gal. It wasn’t easy but she broke me out of that bad habit over time and today I could not be more grateful. I never thought I could maintain my ideal body composition without depriving myself. I never thought I could look in the mirror and not see something I needed to change, some part of me that needed to be tighter or more defined. Thanks to Brandy’s empathetic nature, unconditional support, straight forward and unapologetic approach I do all those things and much more. If a last minute dinner date comes up at the end of my day I don’t panic in fear wondering if I can control myself or what I will have to eat. I know I can go and choose to eat mindfully based on what else I consumed throughout the day prior to. I can go out and enjoy myself without fearing that I am going to over consume and ruin my progress. I eat for performance, for health, to feel good inside and to support my goals on the outside. I can’t imagine living my life in fear of food or of myself like I used to. Not every day is perfect but I can say confidently that everyday I progress. I’m 100 times more knowledgeable and confident thanks to the work Brandy has done with my nutritional intake, metabolism but most of all my mindset.”

Human Resources Student, Recreational hockey player / weightlifter


“Before I started working with Coach B, I thought I was doing everything right in regards to fitness and nutrition. But nothing seemed to be working. I wanted results, but I needed some direction, which is exactly what Coach B has given me. She is a super knowledgeable, no-bullshit kind of nutrition coach. She doesn’t judge, she answers any and all questions, and I can tell she really cares about all of her clients. I appreciate the amount of support and accountability she provides. I’ve learned so much about nutrition and about myself the past few months, and my mindset toward living a healthy lifestyle has shifted in the best way possible because of Coach B.

I’m so glad I started working with her!!!

Student, North Carolina


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