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"Tracking really allowed me to see where I was overeating/under-eating. I realized I was not getting enough protein. Once I increased that I felt much better throughout the day. I would have better sustainability through the day as my insulin levels weren’t rising and dropping. 

Tracking also helped me realize that if I ate enough throughout the day I would tend to eat less at night because I had fuelled my body properly throughout the day. 

After 2 years of serious tracking I am now more comfortable navigating my food on my own. There are days that by the evening I wonder why I don’t feel great but I reflect and track what I ate and can see that I may have missed certain macros."

- Andrea M.

"I have stopped obsessing with my weight now and looking at how my clothes fit. I eat constantly everyday and I think  we have found my maintenance. Which is crazy to me. I am eating so much more food a day and when I do decide to hop on a scale every few weeks it doesn't really change outside of the normal fluctuations. I feel good and satisfied. No binging, no labeling food, just happy loving life. Enjoying a glass of wine or a burger with my hubby and not having the guilt! Happiest I have felt and been in a long time with my body.

Macro tracking has been the best thing for me!  Especially over COVID. It was the one thing in my life that I could control each day!  Helped me to understand portions so I could navigate eating out dinners at family gatherings or restaurants. It’s empowering to be able to make choices for food each day for what I want to eat, and having it work into your macros so you don’t feel like you are missing out or labeling something as “bad” or can’t have."

-Nicole F.

"One year ago on Apr 28, 2021 I started my journey with you. Over the 24 weeks I spent with you I learned so much about my relationship with food and how to feed my body proper nutrition. I understand food and portions and the relationship between excess calories and moving my body.

I am so happy to say that since I went off on my own at the end of October last year and am actually down 3.4 lbs!! Yippie, I didn't put any weight back on :) My body measurements have remained the same. I am happy that I am maintaining a healthier lifestyle. I feel healthier and stronger and know that I don't have to eliminate any foods I enjoy, I just make smarter decisions throughout the day/week.

Life is super busy and I can't say that I'm getting my 12-15000 steps in per day but I still manage to get a walk or two in and I am weight training. I've had to adjust my weight training so I power in 30 mins every other day or so. I was hard on myself for a while thinking I was failing because I wasn't doing my 45mins-60mins workout because I wasn't finding the time. I had to tell myself, do what you can, 30 mins is better than 0 mins. 

Thank you again so much for all you do."

-Dawn Havanka

"For me, hunger and cravings have settled down so much!! And I even mentioned the success in binging in my check in - I am also able to have certain foods back into the house again (bakery items especially- cookies/brownies) cause at the beginning I wanted to be successful and having those certain items in the pantry tempted me to binge on them. I was not the “one cookie and done” type girl.

Consistency over the last three weeks has been amazing - sleep incredible!

Also I am going through a lot of compassion/self love with myself over the last few weeks too - funny cause I didn’t think I needed it - I have always loved my body but maybe I didn’t love it as much as it has loved me and now I am realizing that."


"This is the first journey (started June 2020) that I’ve done for myself ! And the difference is crazy. Being accountable for myself, doing it for myself, realizing how I feel and what I want. I learnt it’s not selfish to do things for myself, and I don’t need to justify to others why I’m doing what and when. It’s funny how people react when you suddenly set boundaries

For me progress was no longer binging, including all food groups without anxiety and being consistent. Having more energy. And definitely fat loss. The scale moved for sure. However I quickly learnt that my body changed differently than before and the scale did not move the same as in the past. I was 10lb „heavier“ while fitting in the same clothes as before … so I stopped focusing on the number and went by how my clothes fit."


"From experience many years ago and my former mindset, I realize now that I was setting myself up to fail. My goals were set too high to achieve in a small amount of time. I worked with a trainer three times a week including taking two spin classes a week. My daily food intake couldn’t sustain me. I was always hungry, and I started to live for my cheat day, undoing everything that I had done during the week. If I wanted to succeed, chicken, turkey and fish were my main foods along with salad and vegetables. No root vegetables allowed and all meats were to be poached or baked. No starches, no adding salt and trace amounts of sugar. I wasn’t body building or in competition. I wanted to lose 10 lbs and tighten and have more definition in my arms. That was my life, I thought I was treating my body well with eating healthy and getting exercise/working out. It wasn’t sustainable, I failed.

Fast forward to May 17, when I first saw the macro numbers recommended for me, I was worried and was going into panic mode. My first reaction was that I was going to fail, I was going to gain weight based on previous experiences. How could I get to eat more foods I liked without cutting anything out and lose inches &/or weight?

I didn’t have a great understanding of reverse dieting and how it actually worked. By listening to the talks, reading the materials, making the recipes, I have quickly realized that this is the plan that works for me. I can adjust my meals if I need to with no guilt. I know what I am having for meals three days at a time, meal planning and prep is becoming easier

I’ve set more obtainable, realistic goals or targets.

Most noticeable is after three weeks of doing the reverse diet, I have started to lose inches and met my first target today. I am not worrying anymore about the number on the scale as there can/are many factors if there is a gain.

Everything that has been introduced to me is sustainable- work outs, meal prep and planning and most importantly I am not feeling overwhelmed. I am becoming more positive in my approach and relationship with food and tracking."

-Linda G.

"When I first started I thought it was just going to be weight loss on the scale. Funny I haven’t changed much in weight but It’s been so much more than that. I’ve lost inches. I’ve had to deal with digging deep and trying to figure out that it is not just the scale. My habits have started to change and I’m facing some body image issues and changing my views to that.

My mindset has changed so much for the positive. I’ve been drinking 80 ounces of water a day which is awesome for someone who never drank water only when I was thirsty. One more positive thing is that my husband is losing weight with my new balanced meals."


Response to a topic in our group Facebook page.

TOPIC: Reverse dieting

Sarah: I was so scared to reverse but it was so worth it and once I wrapped my head around it, it made so much sense

Tara: I completely agree!!! I was that 1200 calorie/binge person. Huge learning curve for me.

Sarah: Same here!! Reversing put me in such a better spot. Not just for dieting but also with mindset and my relationship with food.

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