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Biweekly Nutrition Coaching

The biweekly accountability program is offered by Coach B to help those who want to manage their macros with accountability twice per month without having to commit to full time coaching. This option also comes with a membership to the inner circle with a community of peers for support and follow up questions.

Biweekly Coaching

This program is best suited to those who have prior macro – tracking experience as it is more advanced.

  • This is NOT a meal plan
  • Coach B will not tell you what to eat


Service Features

How does the program work?

*2 proactive check-ins/mth
*BIWEEKLY VOICE and email check-ins.
*24/7 access to voice messaging/emails/text msg.
*Individual coaching with strategies & tools for mindset, habits, behaviors.
*Individual macros and or ongoing strategies for eating habits & food choices.

What else do you get?


*Nutrition education based on your current choices – including meal ideas and recipes with macros

*Macro revisions if needed at each check-in

*Review of journals (if applicable)

*Unlimited support

*Exercise and movement recommendations.

*Supplement recommendations.

*Exclusive membership to the inner circle.

Biweekly versus weekly coaching

Biweekly coaching is limited to only 2 coaching opportunities with Coach B.

WEEKLY Coaching with Coach B is more hands-on with increased accountability at an increased cost.

There is a greater commitment and requires a great deal of work.


Q. Will Coach B give me a meal plan or tell me what to eat and how much on a daily basis?

A. Coaching macros is not a meal plan service. Coach B will not tell you what to eat. Coach B will provide recommendations and choices if you should have a difficult time hitting your targets. You are encouraged to find foods you enjoy and fit them into your macro targets.

Q. Are there training programs available?

A. Yes, there are 12-week training add on’s available. Contact Coach B for more details.

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