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Custom Macro Coaching - One time service

This is offered by Coach B to help those who would like to manage their macros more consistently and more accurately. This option also comes with a membership to the inner circle with a community of peers for support and follow up questions.

All communication is done through email. There are no phone calls or video messaging with this program. There are no check ins with this program.


Custom Macros

If you want ongoing macro changes you can purchase 3 (to be used within 6 months) or 6 (to be used within one year). These can be used as follow ups or specific changes. These bundles are NON refundable once you start the process and receive your first assessment. It is up to you to contact Coach B and request a review of your current macros.


Service Features

Who is this program for?

This program is best suited to those who have prior macro – tracking experience as it is more ADVANCED.
This is NOT a meal plan

If you have a solid foundation and understanding of what macronutrients are, what it means to track each individual macro, this program is for you.

If you have never tracked macros, you may be best suited for biweekly or VIP weekly coaching.

How does the program work?

After payment has been received, a link to a detailed questionnaire will be sent to you. Please note you will have to include measurements and recent pics so that Coach B can calculate your macros.

All communication is done through email. 

Once the questionnaire is received, macros will be delivered to your inbox within 3-5 business days. 

Will your old numbers work?

It is important to know that even though you may be experienced with macros, your old numbers are not applicable. You will need to provide your current intake. This means you will need to be tracking your food for at least 3-7 days. This will give Coach B a more accurate picture of your daily intake.

You will be required to have these numbers PRIOR to submitting the detailed questionnaire. 

Q & A's

Q. What is the difference between a one time consult and coaching?

A. Coaching with Coach B is more hands-on with increased accountability at an increased investment. There is a greater commitment and requires a great deal of work. 

Q. What is the benefit of purchasing bundles?

A. If you purchase 3 or 6 consults, this will allow you to touch base with Coach B for follow up adjustments on your macros to continue your progress.


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