Coach Karen

I'm Karen!

I am a single mom to three wonderful adult kids (including a set of twins), and a certified Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach, fondly known as Coach K.

My Story

I was always active growing up, participating in many sports, but mainly involved in gymnastics and volleyball. After having kids in my late 20’s, my activity level dropped off as my stress levels skyrocketed, and I found myself 35 pounds heavier than I had ever been.

It wasn’t until my mid-40’s when I realized that something needed to change.

After some stints with a personal trainer and WW, I soon found myself training for figure competitions, two of which were under the watchful and knowledgeable eye of Brandy! Cue the genesis of my passion for sustainable nutrition and fitness, and helping others realize their successes in those areas.

My pendulum swing went from eating to numb emotions/stress/anger/anxiety to extreme food restriction in order to execute on stage.

With determination, support, and lots of learning, I am proud to say I now have a handle on not only my weight and body composition, but also auto-immune hypothyroidism and vertigo, anxiety and depression, and irritable bowel symptoms. I found my happy medium whereby I can enjoy food without guilt, fuel my body to engage in activities in and outside the gym, and share that passion with others. 

Things I love to do

Outside of my work as a coach, I love spending time at the gym, doing everything from lifting a heavy barbell, to sweating it out on the rower, and swinging around on the bars and rings. I also spend lots of time with my puppy, Ellie, as well as with family and friends. I know that it’s a combination of a focus on sustainable nutrition and exercise habits, as well as downtime that recharges me (hello walks in the river valley or the mountains...and planting my butt on a beach!).

I work with males and females who are looking for sustainable ways to support all of life’s adventures

From gym time, to raising kids, to travel, and chasing doggos at the dog park! If you’re ready to dig deep and work toward the goals you’ve been dreaming of, let’s get after it! Together, we will find sustainability that will transform the way you think and feel about food and your body!

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