The Gift of Change

by Karen Kondor

Here we go again - switching gears after the most normal summer we have had since the summer of 2019. Back to school, back to fall and winter activities. A change in routines.

DYK: one of the best times to start something new is during a period of time when everything is in flux? True story! The tossing around of day-to-day life turns off auto-pilot, giving you the opportunity to do things differently than you did before. Since many of the things you used to do before are no longer happening, you’re in the midst of being forced to create new habits. Your brain is actually more awake and aware, which gives you the ability to be deliberate about the new actions you need to take in your new environment.

Might the easy thing to do in the midst of change be to throw in the towel on your health and wellness? Focus only on what everyone else needs to the detriment of you? Maybe…but the easiest route isn’t always the best route.

And, while there is value in guiding and supporting those who are most important to you, there is also value in taking this time to guide and support yourself, creating things that you didn’t have in your life previously. Things that bolster your well-being now and in the long run. Things that also positively impact those around you, because you are a healthier, happier person.

Many of us are heading into a season of change, what with the new school year right around the corner. Even if you don’t have kids returning to school, the schedule of those you regularly spend time with might change, and that will impact you.

Change can be hard. But, it can also be a gift, if you choose to think of it that way. With the gift of change, we have the opportunity to take advantage of the gift to create solid foundations for our personal health and wellness.

Take this gift of change to focus on creating the systems, habits, and behaviours that help you:

  • fuel yourself with the food that you need to keep you healthy and support ALL of your activities; not just your exercise activities, but also all of the effort put into supporting your family and friends in their activities
  • support your mental health in ways that create the mindset you need to support the life you want to live
  • create the resiliency you need to lean into change (because there will always be obstacles you will come face to face with)

And, as always, know that the coaches at MBF are here to assist you with all of these things!

Let’s flip the script from “Here we go again,” to “Here we GROW again!”


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